Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Love Seat Update Continues

I wanted to reupholster the love seat as cheaply  nicely as possible on a little budget. I had read how other creative bloggers used drop cloths to cover furniture and thought why not!
I purchased one super big one (forgot what size, still new at this blogging stuff) and away I went. I used a staple gun,3,000,000 heavy duty staples (just kidding), a hammer and scissors to cover the base. Next time I would use a power stapler, my hand hurt for days!

To cover the cushions I used the old fabric as a template and a smaller drop cloth. I cut and sewed the new fabric together and inserted the old foam cushion. The drop cloth fabric is not the best but it is great for first timers like me, no guilt if I REALLY mess up! So far so good, come back and see the finished project!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I am just gonna call you MOM! You definitely inherited her talent for the creative stuff. I think I will just hire you to do all my stuff when I am ready. LOL!!!!