Friday, April 22, 2011


Just peeking in to wish everyone a beautiful and happy Easter weekend!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31 already ?!?!

All I can say is...I've been a little distracted this month (OOPS!)


 bring on April & spring weather & more to blog about :)!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome March!!!

No matter how long winter feels....

Spring will always come...


Monday, February 14, 2011

Sharing the love....

Sharing the love...

For My husband

For My children

For My Family

For My Friends

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bowl full of LOVE

Grab some pretty paper

Grab some markers & scissors

Pick a pretty bowl

And fill it with some "LOVE"

I have a bunch of blank hearts I'm leaving for the kids to fill in and add to the bowl.

I hope they write sometime nice...(hint, hint)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boredom buster on another snow day!

So far this winter has been pretty stinky.
Lots of snow, school delays and cancellations.
Not the worst winter we have had in the 6 years of living in New England but in the top 3 for sure!

Yesterday we had another snow day.
Even the kids are getting tired of missing school...ummm, let me clarify that,
they don't really miss the school work but the social stuff ;)!

So to break up the very boring day we made....


We sat by the fireplace, on a big old fluffy blanket with a big stack of paper.

We laughed

We talked

We watched a movie


Happy snow day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Days....

Cozy blanket

Hot Chocolate

Good reads

Making the best of the winter days....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simple Winter Mantel

It's a snow day here in New England! 
It doesn't happen often...
 Everyone is home and enjoying a bonus day off!  We still have to dig out but I am soooooo thankful for our snow blower (best purchase ever!) that makes clearing the very long driveway so much easier!  
So with the extra time "off" I decorated our fireplace mantel to celebrate winter and help us get through the "yuck" months of January, February and March with something pretty to look at!!!

A few votives, silver snowflakes & grapevine garland with white lights/crystals....

Simple & Easy

Stay warm and cozy!!!!

I'm linking to Beth's ( The Stories of A to Z) Winter Mantel Party!  Make sure to hop over to see the beautiful mantels from very talented bloggers everywhere! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Home Goals

I love my home.  I always have.  My home and home decorating is my passion, my hobby and someday my new career (yup, I actually said it woo-hoo). 
 That's why I started blogging....
 to share the good, the bad and sometimes ugly ;) with anyone who cares to read about my "stuff"
(kids, ramblings, home decor, etc)
So here are my Home Goals for 2011

(or as they say in New England CELLAR)

1. Clean out all the extra stuff!!!! I do not want to move this much junk one more time!  I think it multiplied since we moved in!

2. Change guest room into exercise room.

3. Update lighting 


1. Paint half bath

2. Paint, organize laundry/mudroom & add counter over the washer/dryer

3. Paint & add trim to kitchen island, add backsplash and think some more about painting cabinets :)!

4. Update Lighting (spray paint?)

5. Cook at home 90% of the time...


1. Update & finish master bathroom/bedroom

2. Finally update Ry's bedroom (a year+ in the works!)

(inspiration for Ry's room)

3. Switch Madie's room around with queen bed (from guest room) & add new bedding & paint furniture

(inspiration for Madie's room)

5. Add extra twin bed to Kate's room, rearrange & paint (maybe some new bedding too!)

6. Update lighting


1. Add bench by the front door/garden

2. Garden lighting

3. Decorative fence along the sidewalk with garden

Hmmmm that's a big list! 
 Looks a lot bigger written out then I had in my head :)!  But that is what goals are all about!  I hope to get the house in good shape by the end of 2011 so if the need to put it on the market in the next year or so I will be good to go, fingers crossed!

Oh yeah, one more goal....


You should too!!!

Linking up to the Nester Home Goals 2011 party to HOPEFULLY keep me on track & accountable :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wine Bottle Inspiration

Did I get your attention???

Here is how the story begins...

I bought this cool bottle of wine because, well, I liked the front label (yup, a wine expert I am not).  Fast forward to New Years Day and I'm enjoying my bottle of wine with my husband when I turn the bottle around to see the back label...

I read it and "speaks" to me...

Yup,  thats me, standing at a crossroad for way too long...

So it got me thinking.  Where did I want to go?  

  Later that night I opened AOL and saw my horoscope overview for 2011...

There, in bold print it reads "Turning Point"...

Couldn't be more true!

All these "signs" were telling me something that I knew in my gut was true...
2011 is going to be a big and really good year!
I am finally making that turn, stepping out of the crossroads...

{My reading list}

{My school work, that's right I'm now a student again!}

This year is about new beginnings...
I need to "find" me again...
By doing so I will be...

* a happier person *
* a better wife *
* a better Mom *
* a better friend *

My word for the year is: 


I am ready to take that first step....

let it begin!

will you join me? 

Please :)?!