Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Home Goals

I love my home.  I always have.  My home and home decorating is my passion, my hobby and someday my new career (yup, I actually said it woo-hoo). 
 That's why I started blogging....
 to share the good, the bad and sometimes ugly ;) with anyone who cares to read about my "stuff"
(kids, ramblings, home decor, etc)
So here are my Home Goals for 2011

(or as they say in New England CELLAR)

1. Clean out all the extra stuff!!!! I do not want to move this much junk one more time!  I think it multiplied since we moved in!

2. Change guest room into exercise room.

3. Update lighting 


1. Paint half bath

2. Paint, organize laundry/mudroom & add counter over the washer/dryer

3. Paint & add trim to kitchen island, add backsplash and think some more about painting cabinets :)!

4. Update Lighting (spray paint?)

5. Cook at home 90% of the time...


1. Update & finish master bathroom/bedroom

2. Finally update Ry's bedroom (a year+ in the works!)

(inspiration for Ry's room)

3. Switch Madie's room around with queen bed (from guest room) & add new bedding & paint furniture

(inspiration for Madie's room)

5. Add extra twin bed to Kate's room, rearrange & paint (maybe some new bedding too!)

6. Update lighting


1. Add bench by the front door/garden

2. Garden lighting

3. Decorative fence along the sidewalk with garden

Hmmmm that's a big list! 
 Looks a lot bigger written out then I had in my head :)!  But that is what goals are all about!  I hope to get the house in good shape by the end of 2011 so if the need to put it on the market in the next year or so I will be good to go, fingers crossed!

Oh yeah, one more goal....


You should too!!!

Linking up to the Nester Home Goals 2011 party to HOPEFULLY keep me on track & accountable :)

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