Monday, June 14, 2010

Teacher Gifts

My summer is here in less then two days!  Yeah!  Many schools are finished around the country or will be done by the end of this week so this post may be a little late but may give you ideas for next year!

 Finding so many neat and simple ideas for teacher gifts on various blogs I decided to get creative this year.....

An afternoon of this....

created lots of teacher gifts!

I have three ideas to share.

"Giving Student Wings" frame

* Supplies *

* Wooden frame ($1.00) @ Michael's crafts
* Scrapbook paper
* 2 styles of butterfly paper punch (Martha Stewart) @ Michael's crafts
* Glue dots & white craft glue

The quote reads: "Teachers give their students the wings to fly...."

On the back (not shown) I wrote "Thank you for giving (child's name) the wings to fly!"

You are my "M&M" Mason Jar

* Supplies *

* Mason Jars from Wal-Mart $7.99 for 12
* M&M candy 42 oz. bag from Wal-Mart $7.00
* Scrapbook paper
* ribbon

Wash & dry jars. Fill with M&M candy. Cut decorative paper for the lid. Copy poem and attach to the lid with ribbon! Happy, happy!

Monogram Note Holder

* Supplies *

* Picture frame from Dollar Tree ($1.00)
* Decorative paperclip from Wal-Mart 10 for $3.00
* Notebook paper
* Scrapbook paper
* Letter template or Cricut

Cut the notebook paper to the size of the frame. Cut out the teachers monogram using a template or Cricut cutter. Hot glue paperclip to frame. Done! Super simple!

In total there were....

3 kids
16 teacher & aides
about $26.00 spent (give or take)

Not too bad for an afternoon and personalized gifts!

UPDATE: All the teachers loved their gifts!

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  1. Love those ideas!!! I am so lifting those next year!