Friday, October 15, 2010

The ever changing frames...

A few months ago I changed my picture frames above my sofa using Amy Butler scrapbook paper.


Now as the season has changed to fall I felt it was too "springy" soooooo I used photo copies of this...

(Family cookbook from the 1890's)

To create this "sofa art"...

I know you might think I'm crazy for making copies of 100+ year old cookbook but I promise it was only one copy of each page! I couldn't help myself! I just love the old handwriting and font of old newspaper clippings!  I may even attempt to make one of the old recipes  for Thanksgiving this year...I'll keep you posted :)
 I like the change (for now) and at no cost it makes me happy!  My family think I'm nuts but thats ok with me!

Happy Friday!


  1. that's a fabulous idea! it looks homey, and vintage, and smart! and the perfect fall colors. is that really your family's cookbook?

    thank you so much for your anti squirrel suggestions! those little buggers are beastly!

  2. Nice seasonal touch! You could change it for every season.