Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spray Paint Love

I love spray paint!  I didn't realize how one can of spray paint can make such a huge change to an object.  After reading so many testimonies about spray paint love on so many decorating blogs I decided to give it a try.

This is what my kitchen chairs looked like before....

We purchased this table and chair set almost 16 years ago when we first were married (ok that's a scary thought!).  It has traveled to 3 states and been in storage twice. I figured it did "owe" me anything.
So off I went and purchase spray paint from my local home improvement store, in this case Lowe's.

I chose the satin finish because I liked the texture and look instead of the shiny gloss.
It was a windy day (as always here near the ocean) so the spray painting was done in the garage.  Next time I think I'll wear a breathing mask, lets just say it got a little "cloudy" in the garage from the spray paint!

It took two cans per chair and I was lazy and did not prime!  A year later, with 3 kids + 2 adults wear and tear, the chairs are still looking great!  I am so happy I spray painted my chairs!  I am now addicted!   Don't stand still too long at my house or you may end up spray painted! :-)

Loving my "new" chairs!

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