Monday, May 17, 2010

Adding Coastal Decor

As it hits mid-May I realize summer is just around the corner!  Sometimes in the early morning I can catch a smell of the the ocean in a small breeze and it brings the memories of summer. So it was time to change the foyer table decor to reflect the coming season.

Adding a little coastal flair....

All of the items above have been added to over time.  All were bought either at discount stores (Target, Home Goods, Christmas Tree shop, etc.) or were gifts.

Here is how I put the "look" together....

First stop, The Christmas Tree Shop for a few new "beachy" items (notice the price tags).
 Happy Happy!

Next I shopped the house and moved things around. The apothecary jars  (bought at Home Goods over the past 3 years) were in the living room, the shells were stored in the basement in a box (the large ones were gifts from my Mom), the black candle sticks were on the mantel in the family room ( bought at Target 3 years ago on clearance), and the candles (faux, from Christmas tree Shop 2 years ago) from the family room too.  Oh and the cake stand was a Christmas gift this year from my bother-in-law & sister-in-law (yipee!) It's from Macy's Martha Stewart Collection.

Add the old and the new together and ....

A little touch of the coast to greet you as you enter my home.....

Little dollars but Big change!

Makes me happy!

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  1. I came over from Kimba's. I am jealous that you can smell an ocean breeze where you live (I live in Houston - only get ocean breezes if we drive to Galveston. And then the ocean is muddy and full of tar!)

    Your apothecary jars look great! I have just started decorating with apothecary jars, and I like seeing how other people fill them. What a welcoming entryway!