Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where the dead ferns hang...

These framed ferns have hung on my living room wall for 5 years.  My family refers to them as "the dead ferns".  Nice, huh!  After finding some art work on clearance at Target I decided it was time to make a change.  Good-bye dead ferns, hello pretty clearance pictures....

They have a mirror frame so it is a little hard to photograph.  Anyway, next step deciding placement.  First I traced each frame onto packaging paper from the Dollar Tree.

Cut out each one (The paper likes to curl)

Then I taped each one to the wall using blue painters tape so it wouldn't pull the paint off the wall.  Once I decided on the placement of the "pictures" I measured and made sure each was level.  This is a first for me! Usually I just wing-it and make swiss cheese out of my walls with all the holes!  Not this time!

Then I measured each frame's hanger, found the center, and transferred that measurement to the paper on the wall.

And tah-dah!!!!!

Pretty clearance pictures hung straight and even on my wall! No swiss cheese walls!
I guess it pays to take your time some times ;-) !

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