Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How much "stuff" can on boy have?!?!

My boy has a lot of "stuff" (that's using my nice word).
All of his "stuff" was beginning to take over his room.  I could barely see the floor, the dust clouds were tremendous and I swear it would multiply overnight!
So we purged!!!!!

A LOT!!!


(Scary, very very, scary!!!)

2  HUGE bags of trash

3 bags of "stuff" to Salvation Army

4 hours from start to semi-finish



Now it needs a good paint job and a large bulletin board or magnet board.  I"m using the sports canvases 
and this print below as inspiration for wall color....

Here are some colors I'm considering...

Martha Stewart "Faded Ink" @ Home Depot

Martha Stewart "Bay Leaf" @ Home Depot

Martha Stewart "Ice Rink" @ Home Depot

If you don't have a Home Depot close to your home you can order these samples size jars for $2.95 (plus S&H). Isn't that cool!!!!

If you have a favorite or suggestion please leave a comment....I would love to hear from you!!!

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