Thursday, September 16, 2010

I "heart" Nate Berkus!!!

On Monday September 13, 2010 The Nate Berkus show premiered ...

but I was not watching (darn it!). Instead I was watching the relaunch of The Martha Stewart Show on The Hallmark Channel.  Needless to say I was a little disappointed with Martha on that first day but I gave her show a second chance on Tuesday (first day jitters I thought).  Well day two (for me) was not much better, sooooo I did some "channel surfing" and found Nate on at the same time! I was able to catch the last 15 minutes of his show and was hooked!!!!  I "heart" Nate!   Don't get me wrong, I still think Martha Stewart is amazing and talented but I related so much better to Nate and his style and approach to life. 
 I do have a reason to post about Nate, I really relates to his show on Wednesday September 15, 2010.  Nate featured a family who lost their Mother soon after she gave birth to twins (heart breaking!).  But there was a beautiful message Nate and show were trying to convey as they completed the the unfinished nursery for the babies....honor the pass (loved ones who have passed, childhood, family) and keep the spirit alive through thoughtful decorating touches. Nate spoke my "decorator Language"! This is something I have always done as I have decorated our home.  Here is an example of this type of decorating in my own home...

This small shadow box holds 3 of my Mom's charm bracelets (mostly from the 1960's) and has been part of my living room decor for more than three years now.  There are so many cool charms on the bracelets that I hated to store them away in an old jewelry box.  I have fond memories of trying these on and asking her what each one "meant".  Now my children ask about the charms and I share my Mom's stories with them....and so the stories and memories live on...

Thank you Nate Berkus for encouraging us to decorate with thoughtfulness and meaning!

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  1. I love his show too! I saw that show and the tears were flowing! Great idea for displaying the charm bracelets!