Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Tale of Two Acorn Ornaments

With a few basic supplies you can create two super cute acorn ornaments!

Acorn Santa Ornament


* Acorns *
* Red Paint *
* Peach Paint *
* Black Paint *
* Snow-Tex Paint *
* 1/8 inch wide ribbon *
* Glue gun *
* Paint Brushes *
* Scissors *

First, collect a few acorns (in my case from my yard).  You may have to fight a few squirrels to get the "prize" acorns ;)!  Pop them apart (caps & body) and paint the caps red first.  Once they are dried hot glue back together (you can also use craft glue but there is added dry time).  Paint a "face" using the peach color paint (eyes, nose & mouth added later).  Using the Snow-Tex paint create the beard, hair and hat trim.  The thicker the Snow-Tex paint the longer the dry time (bottle says about 2-3 hours).  Once dry add the eyes (black paint) and nose/mouth using red paint and a fine brush.  Hot glue ribbon to the top of the acorn cap, add a bow and enjoy!

Not into the acorn Santa? A little glitter, a little glue and a little ribbon and you can have this classic & rustic ornament....


* Acorns *
* Glitter *
* Glitter Glue *
* Glue Gun *
* 1/8 inch Ribbon *

Just as before, pop the acorn apart. "Paint" glitter glue on the acorn cap. 

Add glitter and let dry.
 Hot glue the acorn back together and add the ribbon loop to the top! TAH-DA!!!
Cute classic & rustic ornament!

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  1. Love the Santa ones! Maybe something my daughter and I can do. Need to go searching for acorns though, new area so no trees, no squirrels!

    Darling idea, thanks for the idea!